The Charmed Girl
Hi, I'm just a girl that adores Brittany Murphy and miss her every day and this is my blog about her!

Brittany Murphy at the Jimmy Choo Shoe store with Joe in London. (2005)

Brittany Murphy for People Magazine (1998)


Riding with Boys in Cars  (2001) 

"This is why therapists are wealthy, moments like this. Why didn’t he just get her the bra? It’s certainly cheaper than a bicycle. Ah, parents and the damage they can do. Sometimes it’s endless. But she survived. You know what they say: that which doesn’t kill you, makes you want to die. You see, if she was from the south she would have turned her life into a country song. But since she’s from Connecticut, she turned it into a book."


Love and Other Disasters (2006)


Brittany Murphy in Love and other disasters 2007.